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Note July 21, 2015: The Newest TCB is Currently Available Only on our Site.

TCB Brake System

Traction Control Braking (TCB) TM

The TCB Brake System is not only an Alternative to Motorcycle ABS and aftermarket brakes upgrades, but a superior alternative. You get better braking performance than any aftermarket ABS for Motorcycles or manufactures’ antilock brake system for motorcycles, we guarantee it!

TCB Advantages

-Shorter Stopping Distance and Better Braking Control than Motorcycle Antilock Brakes or Stock Brakes
-Unlike Motorcycle ABS that Locks and Releases, the TCB Helps Your Brakes Avoid Locking

Tucker Rocky and Cruiser Customizing Review
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How does the TCB work?

TCB Test Results

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CycleFish.com TCB Brakes Review (Dec. 2014)
“Highly Recommend It”

Cycle Matters Test - Click Here
Average Stopping Distance:
18.5 feet vs. 29.33 feet
(Traction Control Brakes vs. Stock Brakes)
TCB Gets a Superior Rating!

thunder press tcb review
Thunder Press Test Results

HD Open Road TCB Review
HD Open Road Test - Click Here
"the bike stopped in 17 feet (vs.) 27 feet"
Head to Head on 2008 Ultras
(Traction Control Brakes vs. ABS Brakes)

Test by MSF Certified Instructor and Rider Coach- John Devito
"stopping was quick and I was unable to lockup the wheels"

The TCB:

The TCB braking upgrade for motorcycles and an aftermarket alternative for motorcycles without antilock brakes is so good that we give a 100% Money Back Guarantee! So don't spend your time doubting if they work; try them out for yourself!

Email Us With Any Questions At: ContactUs@TCBBrakeSystems.com

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cruiser customizing
Cruiser Customizing Review

thunder press image
Thunder Press Review

thunder press image
HD Open Road Review

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