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TCB-III Brake Systems
Update: October 24, 2015
Our latest evolution, TCB-III™, braking units will be out shortly and they are worth the wait! It is an advancement of our current system, but with a failsafe change for your safety, lower price (introductory price of $49) and some internal design to improve responsiveness! Our most recent design, that has exclusively been available on our site, is now on sale for $39 per unit (only 70 units left).

Warning: There are other “TCB” braking units for sale that appear to be from our company, are a similar looking product, claim to be sold by us, claim to be an advanced design, or even use our name, but they are knock-offs with high failure rates causing a sudden change in your braking or TOTAL LOSS of Braking!!! TCBBrakeSystems.com has been, and will only in the future, sell direct our TCB products including the TCB-III™ .

The new TCB III™ will be available shortly and only available on our site. Just keep checking our site as we will continue to update you.

Official Traction Control Braking (TCB) Site

The evolutionary TCB Brake System is not only an Alternative to Motorcycle ABS and aftermarket brakes upgrades, but it is a superior alternative. You get better braking performance than any aftermarket ABS for motorcycles or manufactures’ antilock brake system, we guarantee it!

Our Original TCB has been around since 2006 and over the years, there have been some evolutions in the design. The advanced TCB-III™ braking unit will be available shortly.

TCB Advantages

-Shorter Stopping Distance and Better Braking Control than Motorcycle Antilock Brakes or Stock Brakes
-Unlike Motorcycle ABS that Locks and Releases, the TCB Helps Your Brakes Avoid Locking

The TCB:

The TCB braking upgrade for motorcycles and an aftermarket alternative for motorcycles without antilock brakes is so good that we give a 100% Money Back Guarantee! So don't spend your time doubting if they work; try them out for yourself!

Email Us With Any Questions At: ContactUs@TCBBrakeSystems.com

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