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TCB-III Brake Systems
Update: June 5, 2016
There will be a delay in the release of the TCB-III. We were recently notified that there was another newly purchased "TCB" that we did not sell that was leaking. Apparently there are multiple sites selling failing units. To avoid product confusion and because your safety is paramount to us, we will be sorting this out so our product is not confused with new "TCB" Systems that leak. You can see some of this confusion on the TCB Facebook page in the January 4th replies.

Our latest evolution TCB-III™, braking units will be worth the wait! It is advancement from our current system, but with a failsafe change for your safety, there will be a lower price including an introductory price of $19, and some internal design to improve responsiveness! Our most recent design, that has exclusively been available on our site, is now on sale for $29 per unit (only 127 units left).

Warning: There are other "New" "TCB" braking units for sale that appear to be from our company, are in a similar looking product, claim to be sold by us, claim to be an advanced design, or even use our name, but they are knock-offs with high failure rates!! When they fail there is a sudden change in your braking or a TOTAL LOSS of Braking!! TCBBrakeSystems.com has been, and will only in the future, sell direct our TCB products including the TCB-III™.

Just keep checking our site as we will continue to update you.

We’ve been asked, “Are there are any TCB braking units that are currently sold that do not have any leaking or diaphragm bursting issues?” The only TCB units that we have not had problems reported with over the last year are an old reseller of ours Lifesaver TCB (it says this on the top of the package). Go look for TCB on EBay, and they are the ones that come in a multi-colored tube and have different stiffness (the medium works for almost all applications)

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