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ATV Safety Gear helps protect a rider if there is an accident, but we have one of the best Revolutionary ATV Safety Products that can help avoid ATV accidents in the first place. Below is information on our incredible ATV Traction Control Brakes System.

Before our TCB ATV Brake System came out safety gear for ATVs was pretty much limited to helmets, body armor and boots all of which we highly recommend. While the quality and selection of ATV safety gear has considerably improved helping to limit injuries in an accident, there has been a need for a long time for ATV safety equipment or devices to help avoid accidents in the first place.

We not only have a safety device for ATVs, but the good news is that our ATV traction control braking system (TCB) can be retrofitted onto existing ATVs for less than what you would spend on a full set of ATV safety gear.

In our review of accident studies involving ATVs we were not able to find specific numbers of ATV accidents caused by braking issues. Although we did find that under-braking, over-braking resulting in the rider being thrown off the ATV, and over-braking resulting in rollovers was a significant safety issue causing numerous ATV accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Now although we hear of ATV accidents happening around the country, it really never seems to happen somewhere else. In October 2004 a child across the street from us was killed riding his ATV and it was not an unusual accident scenario; he applied his brakes, the brakes locked and the ATV flipped over on top of him. This really brought home the need for our ATV safety systems and products like our TCB systems.

Avoiding premature locking of the brakes is huge for ATVs. The faster the ATV is going the more forward momentum the ATV carries which makes it easier for the ATV to flip over. You can read on our front page how our traction control ATV braking device helps avoid the brakes locking prematurely.

Our ATV traction control brake system can help avoid injuries and fatalities from happening associated with premature locking. A big plus with our patented safety brakes system is that it will fit on 95% of all existing ATVs so you don’t have to go out and buy a new ATV. The cost of only $79 per brake cylinder is well worth the added safety to protect you or your child from injury.

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