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Update: January 31, 2018
As noted previously, we are not selling our latest aftermarket TCB System because there were and are other "TCB" lookalikes, knockoffs, and "new technology" units being sold that were leaking. Over this period of time we have been able to reevaluate our different versions of TCB Brake System. The one that we recommend, and the one that we switched on our personal bikes, is one we came out with years ago. Subsequently, we will be switching back to our previous design with some slight changes. They will only be $19.95.

Our goal was, and still is, to keep riders as safe as possible. That being said, with the changes in ABS systems for motorcycles, we have the below information to make sure you are making the best choice with braking systems; again, your safety comes first.

Common Questions and Answers about our TCB Traction Control Braking System

1) Question -"Is TCB better than factory ABS?"
Answer - No. Today’s factory antilock brake systems are highly advanced and much better for numerous reasons than the TCB Braking System. (Read more below)
2) Question – "On wet roads, roads with sand, or in turns, does TCB provide similar performance as factory ABS?"
Answer - No. The TCB System works on pressure only and in these road conditions there is normally not enough pressure to activate the TCB. (Read more below)
4) Question - "Is TCB Better than Factory ABS?"
Answer - No. Ten years ago when ABS was not nearly as advanced as it is today, a lot of people thought, including us, that the TCB was superior to factory motorcycle antilock systems. Today, factory ABS is amazing.
5) Question – "What is with all of the 'knockoff' and look alike TCBs?"
Answer - When our original patent expired, a number of individuals and smaller companies came out with the lookalikes. Many of them had catastrophic problems - they did not seal properly and this causes the loss of pressure in the braking system.
6) Question - "Does the TCB unit for motorcycles make the brake system feel softer?"
Answer - Yes. TCB came out long before all of the advancements with factory motorcycle ABS and during the early years, it was preferable to have softer braking than just stock brakes.
7) "What’s the difference between TCB and ABS?"
The Traction Controlled Brake System is the only aftermarket motorcycle braking system that helps avoid wheel lockup. Yes, it is better than just having stock brakes, but also yes, bikes with the electronic ABS brake systems installed by motorcycle manufacturers are preferable over the TCB ABS alternative.

Over the period of reevaluation, there have also been some significant improvements in anti-lock brake systems that are installed on a bike from the manufacturer compared to the TCB retrofitted on a bike. Motorcycle ABS today, is a lot higher-tech than when we started with our aftermarket System. The difference between TCB and electronic ABS now is way, way beyond just a light.

Manufactures’ ABS systems are electronic, so they can sense wheel slip and immediately adjust appropriately. This means that if you are on wet roads or cornering that it helps the wheels from locking up. TCB is hydraulic and it modulates your brakes only by pressure. When riding on wet roads or in corners, there is not as much weight to build enough pressure to fully activate the TCB. Subsequently, the TCB is not as much help on wet roads or in corners as it is when you are on ideal riding conditions.

With the new motorcycle anti-lock braking systems’ technology, the electronic manufacturers’ ABS evaluates numerous data points and adjusts the brake system accordingly, precisely and every time. Technology has advanced to where today’s electronic motorcycle anti-lock braking systems not only have communication between the front and back brakes, but they also adjust the throttle based on the data measured in the high-tech, electronic system.

When TCB Brake Systems came out years and years ago, a lot of people would choose TCB over electronic ABS. Today, with the huge advances in technology, if you can get electronic ABS get it, they are amazing. For those that have a motorcycle without electronic anti-lock brakes fitted by the manufacturer, TCB Braking System is the next best option.

Again, years ago, a lot of people would prefer our less expensive motorcycle ABS alternative, but today, the additional expense for the manufacturers’ ABS is well worth it.

Still heed the Warning: There are other "New" "TCB" braking units for sale that appear to be from our company, are in a similar looking product, claim to be sold by us, claim to be an advanced design, or even use our name, but they are knock-offs with high failure rates!! When they fail there is a sudden change in your braking or a TOTAL LOSS of Braking.

Stay tuned for updates!

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