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Here is some information on the current and future Motorcycle Antilock Brake Systems (ABS).

Currently there are only a few models of bikes with motorcycle antilock brakes and no antilock braking system that retrofits on most existing motorcycles that we are aware of except for our motorcycle Traction Control Brakes (TCB). A big part of the issue with a retrofit motorcycle ABS is that there would have to be dozens of versions made to fit the numerous different makes and models of motorcycles.

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The cost to design and engineer all of these ABS versions would obviously be extremely expensive. The cost to the rider to get a retro-fit antilock motorcycle brakes would most likely cost $2,000 plus. Although motorcycle anti lock brakes would carry a lot of value, the high price would affect the number of antilock systems sold and subsequently make it a difficult for any company to justify bringing a retrofit motorcycle antilock brake system to market.

The beauty of our Traction Control Braking safety system is that it retrofits onto 95% of all existing motorcycles. Another very attractive aspect of our TCB brakes is the price which is only $79 per brake cylinder.

Motorcycle Brake Systems Reviewed

The disadvantage of standard motorcycle brake systems is that they lock up, and when both wheels lock there is a high probability of you dumping your motorcycle. The advantage of standard motorcycle brake systems is they are inexpensive.

There is very limited time and obvious distractions when a motorcyclist is in an emergency braking situation. Subsequently it is difficult to adjust the amount of braking to be able to get standard brakes on motorcycles to not lock and almost impossible to get standard brakes to lock and release as fast as motorcycle antilock brakes systems.

Although anti lock brakes for motorcycles do lock and release at a rapid rate, they still lock. Any locking, especially at high speeds and on any non-optimal road conditions (wet road, gravel, etc), still affords the motorcycle the opportunity to lose traction of the motorcycle to be dumped. The value keeping your traction and control of your motorcycle is huge, but there is currently no full ABS retrofit for most motorcycles.

Now our traction control motorcycle brakes have many advantages. First, they do not lock up with the same pressure applied to standard motorcycle brakes or ABS brakes. This is huge because the higher the speed brakes lock up the easier it is to dump your motorcycle.

Next, our traction control brake system retrofits onto most current motorcycle models. Finally, at only $79 per brake cylinder our motorcycle brakes upgrade is affordable.

If you have a motorcycle jacket or helmet to protect you from injuries in the event that you go down you have probably spent more money than what it would cost to retrofit your motorcycle with our traction control braking systems which can help you avoid going down in the first place.

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