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Motorcycle Safety

Below is information on current Motorcycle Safety Equipment, Motorcycle Safety Products and our Motorcycle Anti Lock Brakes including our new Motorcycle Traction Control Brakes.

Today there is a lot of motorcycle safety gear to protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident, but our traction control motorcycle brakes can help you avoid accidents in the first place! As motorcycle enthusiasts we highly recommend utilizing the current motorcycle safety equipment and products, but you need to check out how our TCB brake systems can help prevent accidents. Our new motorcycle traction brake system is now an additional measure that can help improve your safety while riding your motorcycle.

Since the invention of motorcycles the main protection for motorcyclists has been the traditional safety equipment and gear including helmets, leathers and boots. As technology has improved, so has the protection that you get from the traditional safety products and gear. Eventually body armor made its debut and now there are a few models with motorcycle anti lock brakes .

Motorcycle antilock brakes pioneered the thought that in addition to protecting yourself with safety gear, equipment and/or other products in the event of an accident; avoiding an accident in the first place was something to shoot for. If you ride a big v-twin motorcycle you know that primary means of avoiding accidents is braking because acceleration and maneuverability are limited. with motorcycles with smaller engines or performance motorcycles in emergency situations being able to safely brake without skidding or locking up your brakes is critical to your safety.

The problem for most of us who do not have antilock brakes on our motorcycle is how to avoid skidding both wheels and dumping your motorcycle. As you can read on our Traction Control Brake System Home Page , our TCB anti skid brakes help avoid premature locking in an emergency braking situation.

On many motorcycles it is difficult to manage the amount of braking being applied and especially in an emergency where you have little time to react and adjust the amount of braking. A common saying is, “there are two kinds of motorcyclists; those who have had an accident and those who are going to have an accident”. With only the traditional motorcycle safety product lines available it seemed like the only logical thing to improve upon was the motorcycle safety gear and other motorcycle safety equipment to protect you if you went down.

Then our Traction Control Braking System was invented. Our traction control motorcycle brakes not only help avoid the wheels locking prematurely, but they also help you modulate the amount of brakes you apply because you get better feedback. By feedback we mean you feel more range before the wheels lock.

A major cause of accidents is related to over braking and losing traction or under braking because of the fear of losing traction. Our Traction Control Braking System can help the wheels from prematurely locking up from over braking and the feedback can give you more confidence that you can brake hard in an emergency.

Now you can not only protect yourself in an accident with the traditional motorcycle safety equipment and safety gear, but you can also utilize our TCB system to help avoid accidents in the first place.

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