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TCB Brake Systems Reviews

The below test results and reviews of the Traction Control Brake System are of our TCB units. Warning: Please read about the “TCB” brake system lookalike units failing notes on our homepage!

thunder press tcb review
Thunder Press
Test Results

TCB Gets a "Superior" Rating!!
Cycle Matters Test - Click Here

Average Stopping Distance:
18.5 feet vs. 29.33 feet
(Traction Control Brakes vs. Stock Brakes)

HD Open Road TCB Review
HD Open Road Test - Click Here

"...the bike stopped in 17 feet (vs.) 27 feet..."
Head to Head on 2008 Ultras
(Traction Control Brakes vs. ABS Brakes)

Test by MSF Certified Instructor and Rider Coach- John Devito
2 wheeled freaks brake test
"...stopping was quick and I was unable to lockup the wheels..."

tcb quick throttle review
"...improved braking by at least 15%"

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TCB Test Testimonials

See what others are saying about Traction Control Brakes. Feel free to go to our Contact Us page to send us your pictures and testimonials.

March 3, 2015
Gary A.
Rider Testimonial - 2004 Road King Custom

tcb brake systems motorcycle abs brake alternative testimonial from gary a.

I was your biggest skeptic. I called you a few times, read reviews, but didn't believe it. I am now a believer! I first tried just the rear caliper. Now I have them on all three calipers and I feel much safer. I did a few panic stops as I always do to know the bike's reaction (I have 147,000 miles on it, so I know it well), and it is DEFINITELY easier to control. I also thought I only needed the rear one, but once putting them on front and rear, it's a different animal.

Gary A.
Naples, FL

September 1, 2014
Robert G.

Rider Testimonial - 2004 Yamaha V-Star 650

I own a 2004 Yamaha V-Star 650 and have on occasion had to come to a quicker stop than I would prefer. I read a lot of reviews of the TCB system, both the good and the bad, and was a bit skeptical about installing the TCB but with the guarantee decided that it would be worth trying.

I installed it on the front brake caliper and bled the brakes in less than 30 minutes. It was much easier than I expected. My first test was on a dirt road where at about 15mph I grabbed a handful of front break. Not only did the bike stop almost immediately, the front tire did not lock up. I began to add speed and a little rear brake and was not disappointed.

I only wish that my bike had rear disk brakes so I could install one on the rear as well.

Riding Safer in GA

June 30, 2014
Ran Man

Rider Testimonial - 2013 Yamaha Raider

tcb brakes review-do they work

I've had the TCB system, total of three units, on my 2013 Yamaha Raider "S" (Lady Pearl) for a couple of months now and I am exceptionally pleased. I've been riding bikes. Street, MX, Desert, Touring and Cruisers for 48 years and I am thoroughly impressed.

Braking is now superior to stock and most of all I am impressed with how TCB has improved the "feel" of the brakes. Yes stopping quicker is better, but stopping quicker with more control and confidence is much better!

Here in Florida where avoiding tourist running you over is a full time job the TCB system adds a level of security, confidence and safety that affirms the investment into TCB was a wise one. Well done on the design of this product.

Ran Man
Tampa Bay area

March 20, 2014
Kevin O.

Rider Testimonial - 2010 HD FLHX

tcb brake systems review

I installed the traction control braking system "TCB BrakeSystems" on my 2010 FLHX over the winter in NY and just finally got to really test drive the bike. I installed 1 unit on the front master cylinder and 1 on the rear caliper, amazingly very quickly and without a hitch. I rode the bike with the new system at the 2014 Daytona Bike Week and it worked great.

I actually had an incident when I had to stop hard for a traffic light that turned yellow and in my left mirror I saw a car coming at me hard and he was going to run the light, on my right was another rider who saw me shifting, braking and looking for room. The car and I were in the same lane and I hugged the dividing line while hitting both front and rear brakes and maintaining a straight line. He stopped at the light and I had some choice words for the driver. The front brakes were steady and the rear depressed significantly but for once there was no lockup of either wheel even while riding the paint stripe.

I am pretty grateful that I put the TCB system on and when I needed it, it did the job. Thanks Guys it works!!!!

Kevin O.
New York

March 14, 2014
Kenneth L.

Rider Testimonial - 2007 HD Fatboy

tcb brakes review

The bike is a 2007 HD Fatboy and I only have the device on the front brake. I believe that it would be a great addition to the rear braking system as well. I thought the TCB was cool but, I didn't have it installed right away. It lay in my saddle bags for several months till I had the bike in for service and decided to have the device installed at that time. No incident occurred for a while that would offer an opportunity to test the device. So I pretty much forgot about it for several months.

Then as luck would have it one day I was riding in the Bastrop area and was approaching a busy intersection during the middle of the morning. I had pulled out of a service station parking lot and was headed toward the intersection. I had shifted up to about third gear and was doing about 45 mph. As I got to within about seven or eight bike lengths from the intersection, the light changed to yellow and I hit the brakes to attempt to stop. I felt the rear brake starting to lock up and eased off of it to stop the skid. At the same time I was applying pressure to the front brake.

There was no lock up of the front brake and because of the on/off action of the TCB device the brakes were applied and released at such a rate as to allow me to maintain steering control and thus complete control of my bike! I was able to keep the bike upright and stop safely!

I only realized a little later that the TCB device was the reason I was able to maintain control in that situation. I am a very defensive rider and I hope never to be in a situation where panic braking is needed but, I feel much safer and confident knowing that the TCB braking device is there on my front brake ready to help prevent those dangerous lock ups that can lead to disaster!

Kenneth L.
Bastrop, Texas

Mark Triphook
Rider Testimonial

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your TCB system, had it for a couple of months now, but only got any serious mileage in the last couple of weeks, what a difference, I now have much more confidence when I apply the brakes in both wet and dry, I wish I had them last year when I lost the front end after some moron in car pulled out in front of me, the front locked up and the I and the bike went down, had I had these fitted I think there's a good chance I would have stayed upright.

Once again many thanks,

United Kingdom

Billy George
1997 Road King

I have the new brake units of yours installed and have given them a test or two. I haven’t had to use them in a real world; situation yet but I’m always on the lookout! Who isn’t?

I did not do any measured stopping distances before and after so I can’t make a definite statement if the units reduce stopping distance. But I can say that traveling at 55 mph on a smooth flat service; I did my best panic stop...the Road King stopped true and straight. No rear end sliding to either direction, just straight as an arrow.

I am very pleased with your system and feel they are well worth the effort to have installed. My Road King is serviced at The Bike Doctor in Newport, NC and I discussed your product with him before ordering. It is my understanding that he now carries your product.

I ride a 1997 Road King that I purchased new. As of today, I have a total of 158,400 miles ridden.

I’m glad I caught your article in Thunder Press and followed up.

Thanks again,

Billy George
Emerald Isle, NC

2009 HD Crossbones

I put the anti-lock brake system parts on my 09 'Crossbones' the night I received them...the next day was in the upper 50's so I took it out around the neighborhood.

After I got used to them I went out on the highway. I live at the beaches in lower Delaware, so I pretty much was on the road myself. I rode regular up to 50mph and tried a few hard stops...pretty good...then ran it up to 65 on some straightaways and clamped the pads on, the thing stopped amazing...straight and quickly, no rear wheel lock, which surprised me...

My Heritage is next and that's where the real test will be...the rear wheel locks on that constantly, because of the thinner tire...I told you I install led lights...I'm thinking of telling my customers I install antilock brakes now, to try to get some more business besides oil and brake pad changes.

I think you sell a really good product, and soon most of Lower-Slower-Delaware will know it...that's us...Thanks...Peace...Wrench

Scott Sauder
Veteran Motorcycle Mechanic of the LAPD

-"...it WORKS and it works remarkably well..."
-"It seemed hard to believe that something this relatively simple and inexpensive could actually simulate an ABS type braking system, but it does!"
-"...this T.C.B. unit could save your butt!"
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Board Member of the New Century and Huron River HOG Chapters

-"The TCB has virtually eliminated the lock up!"
-"Most rear peddles go down a little and then lock the rear wheel. The TCB allowed the peddle to go all the way down without locking the rear wheel; it just slowed the bike considerably."
-"I would recommend one for the front and one for the back..."
Click Here to Read the Full Testimonial

George L. England
Retired Fire Fighter

george england tcb

My name is George-Southeast Coast of Florida. Like most motorcycle riders I too have had a couple of close calls.

White riding in traffic approaching a traffic light a car coming up the right hand lane cut me off taking away most of my safe stopping distance. I was forced to make an aggressive (panic) stop. In doing so the back tire locked up and the bike turned sideways. Nearly losing control I managed to bring it back upright and the stopping distance was at that point so short that I was forced to apply the brakes even harder.

The second time the rear tire locked, the bike slid sideways some of which really worked to my advantage, and allowed me to go to the left hand side of the car that cut me off.

After two close calls similar to the above I installed the traction control braking system TCBBrakeSystems.com.

Since that time I have found my stopping distance to be shorter than before and have not experienced any tire lock up even while trying to simulate a panic stop. This system is really great and it has helped me to prevent having an accident since that time. Highly recommend TCB Braking Systems to anyone who rides!!!

"Jammin" Jimmy Lee Smartt the "Rocket Man"
Former Sponsored Team Honda Rider

jimmy lee smartt on bike with TCB installed

"I started racing motocross at the age of 6. By the time I entered Junior High School I was riding in the Expert Class. During this time I raced bikes for Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Sometimes in the same day I would race in both the125cc class and the 250cc class and I continued this until I was 20 years old."

"I finally settled in with Honda where I continued a professional racing career for a total of 6 years with full sponsorship on the Honda Racing Team riding in the GNC-National Supercross Pro-series 250cc class."

"I am now 44 years old and I continue my passion with motorcycles. I stay involved in the motorcycle industry by consulting with manufacturers and dealers with new product evaluations."

Installation Tip: It helps to have a second person apply a small amount of pressure during the removal and replacement of the banjo bolt. This prevents excessive amounts of air entering the brake system making bleeding the brakes much easier. Total installation time was less than 10 minutes.

"The TCB Brake System was installed on my 2006 VXT 1800 front master cylinder replacing the existing stock single banjo bolt. I was very surprised at the effect this small unit had on my dual brake line double disc calipers. During my first few test runs at speeds up to 140 mph I was amazed to apply full front brake pressure with total control."

"Normally at these speeds, like most riders, I use more back brake to keep control of the vehicle, but this unit gave me the confidence to stop much faster using more front brake. With the TCB unit I found it would be difficult and almost totally impossible to lock up the front wheel. I highly recommend the use of this product to beginners, experts, and professional riders, and I recommend it to everyone as the best safety product I have ever seen."

traction control brake unit installed at the master cylinder
Traction Control Brake Unit Installed at the Master Cylinder

"I wish I had this when I was racing!"

frank tcb testimonial

"I just installed the medium TCB on the front calipers of my Screaming Eagle Ultra Classic. The installation took about 20 minutes and was simple to do. On my test ride, I started out braking easy to get used to the feel. After I felt everything was working properly, I increased the speed and the braking force. It was unbelievable! I was greatly impressed! I did a full front pull on the lever at over 100 mph. The front end dipped the suspension; the bike steered straight and came to a smooth stop with no front lock up. That was impressive!"

Frank Allen
Former Professional Top Fuel Drag Racer
Allen Racing

The Biggest Safety Invention Since the Helmet!
No Risk- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
It is that Good!
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