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TCB Brake System
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As noted on our homepage, there have been “TCB” products that look nearly identical to our design that have failed. Since your safety is paramount to us and to avoid any possibility of our TCB-III being associated with riders losing their brakes, we are not selling units until we get the knock-offs and failing units off the market.

Because of this inconvenience, when we resume selling, we will be offering our new units for $19.

We’ve been asked if there any older versions available that have not had a lot of leaks or diaphragms bursting, and there is. We have not had any negative performance reports in years about our old private label, Lifesaver TCB. Look for the TCB on EBay that says Lifesaver TCB on the top of the package, come in a multi-colored tube and have different stiffness (the medium is probably the best).

NOTES (when you buy through our site) we offer a:
-60 Day No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee, AND We Pay for Return Shipping Parts
-Lifetime Warrantee

(Resellers will have their own Guarantees, Return Shipping Policies, and Warrantees and all returns must be done through them)

To Insure Getting You the Correct Unit the First Time Please Email Us at ContactUs@TCBBrakeSystems.com the:
-Year, make, and model of your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or scooter
-Number of calipers
-Brand of calipers if you changed them from stock

You can also reach us at 512-514-0201

NOTE: The TCB-II has replaced the TCB-I, and the new System is available only through www.TCBBrakeSystems.com.

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